The lawfirm of Jérôme GOUTILLE gives counsel to mainly French and international clients, in French or English in various aspects of civil law or business matters.

Generally speaking, the lawfirm of Jérôme GOUTILLE can advice you or defend you in all aspects of legal or administrative matters through drafting of documents, in negociations or in litigation in French courts.

Therefore, whether you are an enterprise or an individual person, with plans for France or encounter legal or administrative difficulties or opportunities in these juridictions, , the law firm can certainly accompany you within its fields of expertise.

Our consultancy includes the following key points in France:

  • Company formation, set-up and operation of companies in France
  • International contract law
  • French employment law
  • Commercial agent and sole distributor agreements
  • International arbitration and consideration of French lawsuits
  • French bankruptcy proceedings and debt recovery
  • Raising of mortgages and charging orders on French properties
  • Purchase and sale of real estate in France
  • Creation of French SCIs, including non-capital contributions and capital increases, ...

If you have questions, please contact:

Email: jerome.goutille@avocat.fr
Phone: +33 6 48 37 82 57